Geisha Hit Squad is an ambient experimental rock band from Atlanta Ga. formed by musician Eric Jennings in 2005. Influences, inspiration not imitation, range from Jawbreaker, Catherine Wheel, Peter Gabriel, Juno, Brian Eno, Neil Young and Crazyhorse, Jethro Tull and The Smiths to name a few.

Geisha Hit Squad began as a solo project for Eric. However, by 2005, he desired to work with others in more of a band  environment.

The 1st on board was Nathan Sexton on acoustic guitar, piano and backing vocals. After being an acoustic duo for a while Eric recruited Chris Goode of Dillon Fence on bass and backing vocals and then James Schneider on piano. Cary Songy would soon be added to play synthesizer and keys. Drummer Jeremy Clark and bassist Adam Labourde played with them for a few shows as well.

In 2010 Jennings completed a successful  Kickstarter campaign. The goal was 4000,00 which he raised thru his fan base and released “Experimenting With Mirrors,” Geisha Hit Squad’s ten track full length CD. Nathan Sexton and Los Angeles drummer Peele Wimberley formally of  North Carolina band The Connells performed on the CD. Credit’s due to Desmond White as well for mentoring and co producing.

In 2011 Eric  then took off across country on a solo acoustic tour covering over 20,000 miles from Atlanta to California to Canada and back. He nicknamed the experience “The Black Bob Dylan Tour of a Thousand Couches.”

After touring from Key West to Buffalo in 2012 Eric began working on new music. He  wanted to get back to playing electric guitar and he also had  started to experiment with synthesizers and ambient sounds. As as result Eric released Geisha Hit Squad’s “The Definition of Beauty” January 22nd, 2014. Atlanta musician Kirk Marshall played drums on the middle ambient part of “Mercury."

“Today I’m musically all over the place leaving no stone unturned. I realized a few years ago that I’m a songwriter first. I used to think that I was a guitar player/singer/songwriter. Definitely not the case anymore. Instead of making the music go somewhere I now choose to see where it takes me,” claims Eric.

The current lineup consist of Eric on vocals & guitar, Chris Goode on bass, vocals and synth, and Kyle Hamrick on drums. They are about to start working on a new CD hopefully to be released by June 2014.